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ME DAY (because who doesn't want a Me Day?"

  • The Yoga House 7 Copeland Avenue Toronto, ON, M4C 1A9 Canada (map)

I am so excited to be bringing this workshop to the YOGA HOUSE a lovely space filled with natural lighting, access to a beautiful backyard patio and a direct path to the ravine should you wish to mindfully forest bathe : ) This will be an intimate workshop for 6-7 people, a day for YOU to focus on your self within a calm & safe healing & wellness space with guidance on mindfulness, self-compassion and qigong (energy work for self-care & manifestation). Participants from past workshops share how by the end the feel more calm yet energized, grounded, clear, and reconnected to their bodies & authentic resilient selves. Workshop participants will learn easy practical skills in:


  • The foundational attitudes that are at the heart of what mindfulness really is

  • Both formal and informal ways to integrate mindfulness into a busy life

  • How mindfulness can help you navigate physical and emotional challenges such as stress, pain, anxiety

  • Help you integrate all parts of yourself (the dark, the light everything in between) and


  • How this 5,000 year old Chinese practice can cultivate a healthy energy body, leading to a healthier physical body, mind and spirit

  • How to use posture, gentle movement, intention, concentration, visualization, breath work, and your ability to vocalize healing sounds to 1) purge the body of Qi that is no longer of highest service 2) nourish the body with fresh new Qi, 3) bring balance to the flow of Qi through the body and 4) help you to reconnect with your true resilient nature, moving into the future you know you can create!

This workshop is beneficial for anyone who wants to learn new self-care practices to:

  • cope better with physical pain and fatigue

  • learn new ways to integrate and process emotional challenges such as stress, anxiety and depression

  • cultivate current personal practice for learning, healing, growth and overall wellness

  • Strengthen the body’s energetic capacity for conscious attraction and manifestation (since the body is like a radio transmitter & antenna).

  • Consciously radiate positive vibes from the inside out!

With the self-healing tools to mindfully release blockages, we can access more of the life force within us.

With the self-healing tools to mindfully release blockages, we can access more of the life force within us.

Workshop fee $135 +HST

Workshop fee includes the following downloadable resources:

Other things to know:

  • 3 audio recordings guiding you through mindful meditations

  • 2 audio recordings guiding you through mindful movement practices

  • 1 audio recording guiding you through a qigong meditation for grounding and centering

  • 1 video recording guiding you through a medical qigong movement practice to nourish our 5 yin organs

Other things to know:

  • Please bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated throughout the day. We will be taking a 30 minute snack break mid way through so please bring your own snacks. Note: We will not have access to a kitchen.

  • Wear comfortable clothing and layers as I won’t have control over the room temperature.

  • I apologize that the workshop space is not fully accessible as it requires 1 flight of stairs to access the main floor and then another 2 flights to access the 3rd floor workshop room.

Please feel free to connect with me if you have more questions! Otherwise, you can register via Proactive Pelvic Health Centre. Thanks and looking forward to connecting with you : )